Authorized Signatory Resources

If you sponsor badges at your airport, you know that managing many badges can get complicated. AirBadge makes it easier.

Log into AirBadge and navigate to the Badges screen to see a list of all badges under your authorization. Click on View Details to see the status on each badge. As needed, mark them as terminated, lost, stolen, or destroyed to immediately inform the badge office of changes.


Search AirBadge Documentation:

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On the Badge Applications screen you can see all applicants under your authorization and the progress each has made towards completing their badge application. Add your signature to documents with a few clicks.

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AirBadge helps with a variety of badge-related tasks:

  • Initiate Paperless Badge Applications (New & Renewal)
  • Sign Application Documents Online
  • Schedule Badge Office Appointments
  • Attend Training and Complete Testing Online
  • Renew Your Authorized Signatory Training
  • Manage Badges Under Your Authorization
  • Monitor Progress On Badge Applications & Renewals
  • Respond to TSA-Ordered Badge Audits

AirBadge Resource Hub

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