AirBadge New User Orientation

Accessing AirBadge

Log in to AirBadge using your invitation email.

AirBadge is a closed, secured system. Only invited individuals are authorized to log in. Each email from AirBadge includes your unique login address and link.

Be sure to bookmark the page for easy future access.

Start an Application

Are you ready to start your badge application in AirBadge?

First login / Set password

Find your welcome email from your badge office. Follow the link in the email to log in and create a password.

Can’t find an email from AirBadge?
Ask your badge office to resend the welcome email.


Enrolling phone/notifications/preferences

To change your notification preferences, password, and other information, tap the hamburger menu on the top right to navigate to Account Settings.


Add your mobile phone number to your account in your account settings. When you choose to opt in to text notifications, AirBadge will send you updates via text message about your badge application and upcoming badge office appointments.

Home screen

Review Appointments, Badges, and Applications from the AirBadge home screen. Review the status of your badge applications or any upcoming renewals.

Time to renew your badge? Renew in AirBadge before you visit the airport badge office to receive the new one.

Important Reminders

Bring your documents to every appointment.

AirBadge will prompt you to collect several documents depending on your badge type and other variables. Be sure to bring all your documents with you to every badge appointment.

Your name and personal information must match on all documents.

The name you submit on your application must match the documents you submit exactly. Different spellings, maiden names, and other discrepancies in your documents will delay your badge application.

Airbadge on Phone

Detailed Documentation

Coming soon: Software use cases and frequently asked questions

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